About this blog

I have decided to start a blog about something that I have always felt very passionate about and at the same time very inquisitive.

The Sports industry is full of “cool” jobs or as some people say “dream” jobs but understanding who has them and more importantly how they landed in those positions is what interests people. Particularly interested are those thousands of 18-24 year olds thinking about a career in the sports world.

Over the years I have done countless informational interviews, student advising or actual classroom lectures about the sports industry. Many of those discussions centered around a young aspiring person wanting to learn more about a career in the sports industry and how to go about achieving those cool jobs. Of course there are also many times I too have said “that person has the coolest job” so maybe over the years we have all been hoping for a behind the scenes look.

This blog is meant to try and inspire or motivate students or young professionals getting in to the sports industry. Perhaps provide insights from the experts on navigating the career trail or just showing that hard work and dedication can indeed make dreams come true.

In addition, I hope the blog will appeal to lifelong sports fans who just want a glimpse of the personal side of the positions they have found interesting. Hopefully along the way we all learn about some of those cool jobs and put a name and face to some of those positions. I am excited to be an official blogger and look forward to listening, reacting and responding to what the readers want from this blog in the future.

Thanks in advance to the diverse group of sports industry professionals that allow us to hear their story, especially to Joe Foley for giving me the nudge.

Let’s enjoy the ride and see where this blogs takes us!!