About Brett

I am not sure what qualifies someone as a blogger, but I do at least fill the requirement of someone who has spent 22+ years in the sports industry. I have had the good fortune of wearing many different hats in a variety of diverse roles throughout my career and more importantly have been blessed to work side by side with some unbelievably talented and successful people.

I spent a few years working at the University of Kansas and doing event planning for Roundball Clubs, Quarterback Clubs, Final Fours, an Aloha Bowl Game and a College World Series. The next stop with the Sports & Social Clubs of the U.S. (presented by Budweiser) and that introduced me to the world of big time sponsorship activation. A nice 10-year run in the Sprint Corporate Sponsorship Group covered everything from NFL, U.S. Ski Team, PGA of America, Harlem Globetrotter’s, Sprint Center, 75+ athlete deals and maybe one of the best ambush marketing campaigns ever at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Two more recent stops allowed me to understand the true importance of relationship building and business development for industry giants AECOM and Delaware North. In both roles I was fortunate to spend time in both the collegiate athletics space as well as with professional teams.

Throughout my career I have continued to try and give back to the next generation who may aspire to join the sports industry.  In the past it has been informational interviews or guest lecturing with undergrads and graduate programs but moving forward this blog can add additional color commentary and inspiration.  Hopefully it helps folks better understand the challenges and blessings of working in an industry that combines a passion for sports with an actual paycheck.

I truly hope this blog is informational and entertaining for avid sports fans as well as inspirational to others.